Property Space is Getting Cooler

Who says property search is boring and painful? It has just got better! And is at the forefront of all these changes. It has redefined the whole property search paradigm for its consumers.

Moreover, customers demand a lot more personalization than they did earlier. Keeping this in mind, banking professionals too are pushing the boundaries with a number of new innovations, keeping in mind the digital savvy consumers. Gone are the days when bankers could complete KYC and account opening and servicing at their own pace, now customers demand a whole new level of service. Banks are now making efforts to thrive in this digital revolution by keeping technology at the forefront.

The real estate customers too are evolving. Notwithstanding all the changes around regulations which have come in recently, customers have gotten more-savvy and are using technology far more than they did earlier. They don’t have time to go and find a property or find a home loan on different platforms. They want simplicity and ease of using a platform which caters to all these needs together. Real estate platforms are even going a step ahead and introducing features to cut down the time to close a transaction.

Smart tools which enable discovery, shortlisting and closure are being enabled by these platforms. Walk into a mall, or a builder’s office and today they will show you state-of-the art virtual reality devices which allow you to virtually take a tour of the property.

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